Bekal- a sleepy coastal region in Kasaragod district is nature’s bounty with pristine beaches, unpolluted and crystal clear backwaters, Western Ghats, hills and forest. The array of forts, numerous pilgrim centres and other heritage sites enhance its cultural value. Vibrant folk art forms like Theyyam and colourful festivals of different community make life so live in this region. The confluence of Kerala and Kannada culture and its manifestations in life and custom make the region so diverse. This diversity of nature and culture is the basic tourism resource of the region. region.

The mighty Bekal Fort on the side of Arabian Sea is the core attraction of Bekal. The fort is built by Ikkery Shivappa Nayak during AD 1645 -1660. This is the largest and the best preserved fort in the state. Due to the archaeological significance, the monument is under the control of Archaeological Survey of India. The shallow Bekal Fort Beach at Pallikere, which is having a length of more than four kilometres, is one of the best beaches in south India.