The ayurvedic resuscitation treatments becoming available widely in different parts of India and widely, Kerala would have to strengthen its positioning as the ‘real’ destination for ayurveda.

The other possible threat is that a semi-medical product is endowed as a product of relaxation, often ignoring necessary conditions and wariness. Should there be a medical mishap, it could generate considerable negative publicity and create a detain. Medical check-ups to the requisite degree of detail may be specified clearly for each form of treatment. These should be insisted upon before providing treatment in the certified ayurvedic centers. The experts may also evaluate and consider the need for liability insurance and/or any other precautionary measures.

Distortion of traditional ayurveda and its commercialization is another issue of concern. One view is that once the novelty and uniqueness wears off, ayurvedic tourism in its present form may lose its prime position and may end up having to be offered as a mass product at reduced rates. The product can sustain itself in the long run against competition, provided it can attract repeat business and also sustained business from new customers through word of mouth publicity. This can happen only if one avoids distortion of traditional ayurveda and its commercialization for quick gains.