Guruvayoor Temple is located 32 km. from  north-west of Thrissur, This temple known for the famous Sree Krishna temple. It is among India’s most important pilgrimage centres and is also known as the Dwaraka of the south. Sree Krishna Swamy Temple, which attracts thousands of pilgrims is said to date prior to the 16th century. The history of the temple is shrouded in mystery.

According to belief, the temple was created by Guru- the preceptor of the gods and Vayu- the god of winds. The idol of Gurvayoor temple is unique because it is carved out of ‘Pathal anjana sila’ and is therefore considered extremely sacred. The idol was once worshipped by Mahavishnu in Vaikunda and later handed over to the sacred hands of Brahma, Sutapas, Kasyapa and finally to Vasudeva, the father of Lord Krishna. It is at this temple that Mepathur Naryana Bhattathiri composed his well-known Sanskrit devotional poem ‘Narayaneeyam’. The Melpathur Auditorium dedicated to the memory of the great poet Melpathur Bhattathiri is now the venue for the annual Chembai Sangeethotsav. Only Hindus are allowed entry inside the temple.