Cochin, originally known as Perumpadappu Swaroopam, is the beautiful cosmopolitan city of Malayalees. Rightly known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, it has attracted many voyagers and traders over the centuries. The Greco-Romans and all other east bound Western trade interests had their strong presence here in the early period of trade and commerce. Then there were the Arabs who were followed by the Chinese in search of spices. It was the scene of the first European settlement in India early in 1500 when the Portuguese, the Dutch, and then the English came here and added to the rich history of this land.

Ruled by many Maharajas and Divans, this city evolved through the centuries, assimilating the cultures of the many communities from all over the globe who made it their home. It was well known all over the world for spices, cashew nuts, tea, coir products, handicrafts etc. The prosperity that all this brought is well attested by the Italian traveler Nicolo Conti who described Cochin, as early as five centuries ago, as “a place prosperous enough to spend the money one makes in China”. It is now the commercial capital of the State of Kerala. With a rich cultural heritage, be it in art forms, literature, or music, Cochin is truly today’s symbol of Kerala’s progress and promise of prosperity.