Cochin, regarded as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, is situated in the southern west corner of India is a beautiful city and it’s the commercial capital of Kerala. Estimated to hold about 15 million people (a census is on in the years 2000-2001), the city has grown dramatically in the last fifty years. The core area called the “Island City” has the most expensive real estate in all of India. Cochin is a cluster of islands dotting on the magnificent emerald lakes which in turn open to the sea, making the city one of the finest natural harboursin the world. Due to its advantageous location, Cochin has experience the affluence from the sea borne trade, and at the same time enjoyed various cultural influences brought in by different traders and visitors since the ancient times. A prime tourist destination of Kerala, Cochin is boasted for its extensively emerald backwaters lined with palm trees and local villages which represent the fascinating lifestyle of inhabitants who still used these course ways as their mode of transportation It is a place which blended with historical places, palaces, forts, old churches, beaches, backwaters, snake boats races, Kathakali, museums and the convenience of a big city with towering buildings and business centres. Cochin is also famous for export of fisheries , spices, coconuts, cardamoms, tea , and rubber.