Kalpathy Viswanadha swamy temple is the oldest Siva temple in Malabar. It was built in 1425 A.D. by H. Kombi Achan, the then Raja of Palakkad.

Kalpathy is linked to Kasi because the main deity is Siva and the temple is on the banks of the Neela Nadi just as Kasi is on the banks of the Ganges.

The other deities consecreted in the temple are Sri Visalakash Sametha Viswanadhaswamy, Vinayaka, Valli Devayani Sametha Subrahmanyaswamy, Gangadhara, Dakshinayana Murthy, Simhanasundari, Nataraja, Surya Bhavara, Kala Bhairavan, Chandikeswaran, Nandeeswaran and Pradesh Handi.

The rituals in the temples were coducted earlier by Kerala Brahmins, the Nambuthiris. But now, Tamil Brahimins are in charge. The centre of attraction of the festival is Kalpathy Sri Viswanadha swamy temple. The festival is celebrated in the month of November.

On the seventh day (28th day of Alpasi), the deity from Viswanadha swamy temple is taken out and installed in the chariot. There are three chariots in this temple; one for the main deity Shri Viswanadha swamy and Goddess Parvathy, the second for Visweswara and the third for Lord Subrahmanya.