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Bekal Fort Kasargod, Bekal Fort Beach Holiday Packages

The Fort belongs to the post Vijayanagar period. It was under active usage during the time of Tipu Sultan in the 18th century AD. It is situated on the western coast of Kerala in the district of Kasargod. It commands a beautiful view of the Arabian sea.

Bekal Fort is 15 kms from Kasaragod the land of yakshagana is quite a fairly package with lots of recreational facilities with the imposing Bekal fort bordering it. Picturesque resorts nearby, backwaters in its backyard and boating facilities,horse and camel rides, childrens recreational area amidst a rock of promontory and coconut palms kissing the blushing waters add splendour and beauty to this spot. A spectacular view of the Bekal fort a monument steeped in history is exciting.

The Bekal Resort Development Corporation has modified the coastal areas and erected children’s play grounds and a floral landscape setting in the rejuvenating lap of nature. Architecturally laid benches and sit outs amidst a wide and unique collection of garden plants make for a picture-perfect holiday. The beach goers can take a scroll enjoying the sunset and after, the night sky since BRDC has errected two high mass lights that flood the beach after sunset. The twilight hours seem ideal for lazing on the beach in the flooded light.

Bekal Fort Kasargod
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