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Kulamavu Dam

Kulamavu Dam, Idukki

The Government of Canada aided the Project. The Project harnesses a major power potential of River Periyar, the largest river in the Kerala state. Idukki and it's supported Dams Cheruthony and Kulamavu are creating a large reservoir in area of about 75 sq. km and the water is directed through power tunnel and two under ground pressure shafts to an Under Ground Power Staion situated in Muvathupuzha valley. The capacity of the installed Power House is 780 MW / day consisting of 6 units of 130 MW each. The Potential Head of the project is about 2,500 feet.


Driving directions - Cochin to Kulamavu
Road Way : 120 Km | Aprox. time- 3 hrs

Kulamavu Dam
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