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Kuttanad, the deltaic formation of four major river systems, Pampa, Achencoil, Manimala and Meenachil, confluencing into the Vembanad Lake lies 0.6 to 2.2 m below mean sea level. The region extends from 9° 17′ to 9° 40′ N latitude and 76° 19′ to 76° 33′E longitude, comprising an area of 1100 sq. km. The region encompasses vast stretches of backwaters, bordering mangrove formations, and rice fields, the latter mostly reclaimed from the shallow stretches of the lake during the recent past. The garden lands, or the reclaimed purayidams or homesteads with coconut groves, fringed by canals and channels make this a land of richness and beauty. Owing to persistent human intervention in the name of development, this wetland ecosystem has been a subject of endless studies, debates and controversies. Though the economy of the region is dependent on rice, the only crop that can be raised in lowland areas, it is also supported by coconut in purayidams, and by inland fisheries.

Driving directions - Cochin to Alleppey
Road Way : 64Km | Aprox. time- 1-1/2 hrs
Kuttanad paddy fields
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