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The beautiful cool hills of Nelliampathy is in the midst of the majestic Western Ghats. It is the queen of Palakkad hills, clothed with the original beauty of picturesqe mountains and enchanting valleys, interspersed with the panoramic tea, coffee, cardamom and orange plantations. The bracing climate and green magic of nature will provide an exhilerating and unforgetable experience.

Nelliampathy, 52kms. from Palakkad town and about nine kms. from Nenmara, adjoins the Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary where leopards, elephants, bisons and deers abound. The total area is about 82 sq. kms. The highest peak in the range is Nellikotta, also called Padagiri. It is 1585.08 meters above sea level. The other major peaks are Vellachimudi, Valiyavana, Mayanmudi and Vela Vanchan, each about 1200 meters high.

The annual average rainfall in the area is 47.244 mm. The temperature varies between 150 C in December and 300 C in April, the mean temperature being 220 C .

The Pothundi reservoir glints in the distance like sapphire in a sea of emerald.

Seethakundu at Nelliyampathy offers a fantastic view of the valley below. The 1000 metre high waterfall is one of the major attractions. Seethakundu got its name from the legend that Sita Devi, during the vanavasa period with Sri Rama, took a bath here. During Deepavali, a large number of devotees gather here.


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