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Payyambalam Beach is situated in 2kms from Kannur. Payyambalam, the long, lovely beach is a local picnic spot. Flat lateric cliffs jut into the sea at one end. Picturesque and incredibly beautiful, the beach is only walking distance from Fort St. Angelo. The Naura Cafeteria and well laid out gardens greet the visitor to Payyambalam.
Payyambalam beach hardly two kms from Kannur railway station is the most frequently visited picnic spot because of its proximity to the town. The tranquill atmosphere of the beach will charm the calm senses of the beach lovers at once. The high cliffs and the impossing rocks projecting forcefully in to the sea gives the beach a mysterious aura. These cliffs protect the eco system of the land and act as natural barriers. The wave thrashed reefs are full of kallummakkaya(mussels) a popular delicious dish of north malabar.
The massive sculpture of a mother and child embedded in artistic beauty by the world renowned sculpture Kanai Kunhiraman is a major high light of the artistically laid out garden.
At the beach lies the tomb of Swadesabimani Ramakrishna Pillai, a pioneer of fearless journalism in India, who was exiled from Travancore in 1911 for criticising the misrule of diwan. Tombs of Krishna Pillai, A.K. Gopalan, Azhikodan Raghavan andE.K Nayanar also exist side by side. The majestic St. Angelo Fort, a dumb witness of a bygone age of the colonial stuggle in Kerala, can be sighted from the baby beach adjacent to the Payyambalam beach.

payyambalam beach
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